Website Design Plans

The Starter


Starter web design Durban Starter web design Durban
Website Design: Starter Plan:
Starter web design Durban
  • 5 pages of content;
  • Flexibility - add more pages later
  • Fast, minimal coding for blistering speed;
  • Handy Contact Panel;
  • Social Media integration;
  • Mobile ready;
  • Branded menu buttons
  • Free uploading and testing



Intermediate web design Durban Intermediate web design Durban
Starter +
Intermediate web design Durban
  • Header slider to display your business
  • Visitor contact form
  • This includes the Starter Plan plus header slider and contact form that enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of your website.

The Advanced


Advanced web design Durban Advanced web design Durban
Intermediate +
Advanced web design Durban
  • Content management system to maintain your own content.
  • Advanced slider functionality - captions, pause, links.

The Ultimate


Ultimate web design Durban Ultimate web design Durban
The Advanced +
Ultimate web design Durban
  • Ten pages of comprehensive content;
  • Useful right sidebar;
  • Two level menu for compact navigation

The Job of Your Web Designer

As website developers, our job is to connect you with your customers, We do this by engineering your website to rank well in Google and by generating quality content.

Web designers (developers) come from differing backgrounds. Website design involves a knowledge of text editing, layout, graphic design, search optimization, HTML/PHP/CSS and other disciplines. They may be weak in some areas.

Some web designers subcontract to India or some other place.  This is fine until there is a problem - and there is always a problem.

It's All Your Fault

Most 'webbies' regard their job complete on final payment.  You may get 30 days support but the fault for your website's Google invisibility is directed to yourself.

An expensive website is no guarantee of a quality website.

Don't look at the bottom line.   Look at the value for money, skills, experience and support - you will need them.

Whither Goest Web Designers' Websites?

A fundamental oversight - if your website needs search ranking, see where the web designer and his clients' websites rank in search engines.  If you cannot find them, you will surely be unable to find yours in Google.

Search Consultants - No Magic Bullet Here

If you have a 'customer unfriendly' website, even a high Google position will not save it.

Choosing a Website Designer

It is easy to be seduced by animations and gizmos. By 'throwing the kitchen sink' at the website, clients believe they are getting value - but they kill their website.

Critical to the success of your website is it's Google position - no visibility, no traffic, no revenue.

We offer a comprehensive service:

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