Small is Beautiful

Perhaps the day of the one man band website designer are over. Perhaps prospects look for efficiency, accountability and quality in a bigger company?

babyToo late in my case even if it’s true. I get great satisfaction from churning out a  quality website. One that I can go back to in three months and say to myself ‘ That still looks good!’.

I don’t want to be just a content editor, SEO-er or just a designer all my life. I want to turn out a finished product from scratch and watch it climb Google and get traffic.

It’s almost like getting a puppy and watching it grow to maturity.

There’s an advantage in being part of a team of course – principally in the throwing of ideas about. A OMB website designer is a bit like an author sitting in front of a typewriter and a blank sheet.

However, there are no egos, no office politics, just you and a clean screen. You have the freedom to try this or that, to wander off or even take time off which would be difficult as part of a team with a boss.

There’s a visceral connection between you and your websites. You have brought them to life so you keep an eye on them like hen with chicks.

Corraling them, shepherding them, preening them. In short, you feel responsible for them. As part of a larger operation, they would be just another account.

You feel the pain when you lose a client, the elation when a site gets to the top. The satisfaction – and vindication – when you get a small pat on the back from a client. When something goes wrong, it’s yourself that you kick.

fartI’m far too old to work for someone else now. I know I can produce a quality piece of work unaided. My policy has always been to use the simplest of tools to create a magnum opus.

Others are constantly chasing the latest big thing whilst never mastering even the basics. Rather learn to drive a piece of software and get it to cough up results quickly than spend hours on yet another learning curve for a feature that may be a dubious advantage at best.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t trawl the TutsPlus type sites. These blogs are excellent and my browser has hundreds of bookmarks from such sites. However, life is too short to tyre-kick every new brain fart.

I always keep an eye open for software with prospects. If it’s still around in two years, its a) been adopted as a staple, b) got bugs out of it and c) much easier to use. Let others do the heavy lifting I say!

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